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Dawn On the Issues…

“A lot of problems in life can be solved by using just a little common sense.  Government is no different.  We need more people in government with business and “real world” experience who will use common sense and conservative principles when making decisions that affect the rest of us.”

Jobs and the Economy

As a former small business owner, Dawn White knows that government does not create jobs; businesses do.  She will continue to work to help make Tennessee the most business-friendly state in the country.

“Government can make conditions more difficult for businesses to grow, especially for small business owners who lack the resources to navigate complex regulations. When I first started out in business, I was shocked by the hoops I had to jump through just to hire people.  The red tape was ridiculous! In order to improve our economy and create jobs, we need to continue to eliminate or scale back excessive regulations.”

Reforming and Improving our Education System

Dawn White is a former teacher in the Murfreesboro City School System, and she understands the issues our students and teachers face every day.  As state representative, Dawn has voted to improve our schools and support teachers.  Dawn believes that educational standards should be set by Tennesseans, not forced on us by the federal government. She is opposed to Common Core. As a conservative, she supports giving parents more choice in the education of their children and giving teachers the flexibility to address each student’s individual needs.

“Education policy should be determined at the local level by parents, teachers and local school board members, not by state and federal bureaucrats who’ve never been in a classroom.”

Reducing Spending and Lowering Taxes

Dawn White is for smaller, smarter government“In this economy, we have all had to learn to ‘do more with less’.  Government should be no different.  To do that, we have to reduce waste and improve efficiency in our government.”

Dawn as voted to reduce state spending and to lower the sales tax on food.  This year, she co-sponsored legislation that repealed the Hall Income Tax.

Tax Reform

Dawn White will continue to work to reform our state’s tax code and to lower our tax burden. “I am against a state income tax in any form.   I will work to further reduce the sales tax on food.”

Tort Reform

Dawn White will continue the fight against lawsuit abuse in Tennessee.  She favors establishing a constitutional amendment to ensure Tennessee’s caps on punitive and non-economic damages are part of our tort law.  "Abusive lawsuits and legal claims take a huge toll on business.  I'll fight to put common sense back into our legal system."

Fighting Obamacare Expansion in Tennessee

Dawn White knows that Obamacare is a disaster.  You can count on Dawn to continue to fight the implementation of Obamacare in Tennessee.

Conservative Values

Dawn White is Pro-Life, Pro-Religious Liberty, Pro-Second Amendment, and Pro-Traditional Marriage. 

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