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Education Reform

Dawn spent seven years teaching in the Murfreesboro City School System, and she learned very quickly that education policy should be determined at the local level by parents, teachers and local school board members, not by state and federal bureaucrats who’ve never been in a classroom. 

The current standards for teacher evaluations were designed to increase teacher results and accountability while improving student scores.  These standards were well-intentioned. Unfortunately, in order for teachers to cover the required material in the allotted time dictated by the state, they must rush through material, often leaving children without a full understanding of the material covered.  As a first step in reforming our education system, we need to reform the teacher evaluation process with input from teachers, parents and local school board members.

"A one-size-fits-all mandate from the government can’t solve our problems in education.  As things stand right now, teachers in Tennessee are being forced to “teach to the test”, not to the individual child.  The state should have a role in setting education standards; however, teachers need to be given the flexibility to teach children the way they know best."

Parents and teachers have the same goal, which is to educate children and help them develop to their fullest potential.  We can have high standards and accountability for educators, yet provide our teachers with the best possible environment for achieving those goals.

“We are making some improvements; Tennessee’s schools are in better shape than in years past, but we need to make our schools the best.  We can, and we will.  We can reform our education system in a way that will allow teachers to do what they need and want to do for our children: teach.” 

                                                                                                                           ~ Dawn White







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