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Jobs and the Economy

Jobs and the economy are first and foremost on the minds of many people these days, and rightfully so.  Dawn White is passionate about improving Tennessee’s economy.  Her common sense, conservative leadership and real world experience can make a positive difference for Rutherford County. 

We must continue to take action to improve our economy and create an environment that is conducive to job creation.  The fact is, government does not create jobs… businesses do!  As a former small business owner myself, I know what it takes to create jobs, because I’ve done it.  I know what it’s like to have to make payroll, week in and week out.  I know that government does not create jobs; if anything, it makes it harder on those of us who do!  I want to change that.  We need to get government out of the way and let businesses do what they do best!  

We need to run our government the same way we run our businesses and our households.  It’s just common sense. 

Government can make conditions more difficult for businesses to grow, especially for small business owners who lack the resources to navigate complex regulations. When I first started out in business, I was shocked by the hoops I had to jump through just to hire people.  The red tape was ridiculous! In order to improve our economy and create jobs, we need to eliminate or scale back excessive regulations and help make Tennessee the most business-friendly state in the country.

As State Senator, I have fought to make Tennessee the best possible environment for new businesses to locate and for existing businesses to thrive.”

                                                                                          ~  Sen. Dawn White


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